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Infrared Sauna

An infrared (ir) sauna  gets the name from infrared light which is light that is inferior to red in the light spectrum.  Sometimes it is called a near or far infrared sauna, or a hot or dry sauna. People believe this invisible light may penetrate more deeply than normal light, thus having a greater effect in the body.

Sometimes called portable saunas, light saunas offer an alternative to the normal steam sauna which is why they carry the name dry sauna.

Some people use it because they’re looking to improve their metabolism, circulation, in some cases for immunity and chest indications, or muscular soreness or recovery.  In actuality we find that most people simply feel better when they recover in there from any of the client’s afflictions including stress!

The anxieties of life can get too much for some of us to bear, but the sauna is an environment we offer you in privacy.  It is only you or your guests.

Sometimes we have athletes use it wishing to lose weight before a weigh in, but we have more efficient ways to do this.  Simply request information from your operator.

You can adjust the temperature and lighting once inside.  If you’re simply wishing to sweat for detoxification purposes then ask your operator for an electrolyte, or salt drink.

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