Scientific name: Trillium erectum, Trillium pendulum

Common names: Milk Ipecac, Three-Leaved Nightshade, Trillium, Indian Shamrock, Cough Root, Nodding Wakerobin, Lamb’s Quarters, Ground Lily, Snake Bite, Rattlesnakes Roo, Jew’s Harp Plant

Ayurvedic names:

Chinese names:

Bangladesh names:

Arabic names:    التريليوم (al trillium)

Rain Forest names:

Family: Liliaceae

Approximate number of species known:

Common parts used: Root or rhizome

Collection: Mid summer

Annual/Perennial: Perennial

Height: 10 to 15 inches

Actions: Astringent, emmenagogue, expectorant, oxytoic, uterine tonic

Known Constituents: Saponins, glycosides, tannin

Constituents Explained: 


This herb was given the name Birthroot by Native American Indians who used it as a tonic during childbirth.  

Traditional Use:

Used as a tonic for the uterus, vagina and as a powerful menstrual regulator.

Its astringent properties see it used as a treatment for hemorrhaging of the lungs and to treat coughs(1).

Externally it is used for ulcers.  

Clinical Studies: