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Modern Natural Medicine (Naturopathy) at Pinnacle
Naturopathy is the practice of natural medicine designed to achieve optimal health naturally. With emphasis on prevention, treatment and self-healing, its practice combines a variety of methodologies that range from traditional to scientific.

We take a holistic approach to helping our patients achieve total health by harnessing what is best described as the power within each of us to heal, in an ordered, intelligent, and consistent manner without added chemicals and surgery.

Raising the Bar for over Three Decades
At Pinnacle Clinic, we seek to identify the underlying causes, proposing remedies that feature minimal harm, promote the individual’s capacity to heal, and deliver clear results rather than masking symptoms.

Our methods, products and model of care is constructed to help our clients to proactively assume responsibility for their health, with tools, support, guidance and education enabling them to achieve sustainably better health.

The practice of Naturopathic healing features proven and revered techniques that have been trusted around the world for centuries. At Pinnacle Clinic, we combine the highest standards of clinical disciplines and best practices that make it the smart choice today.

Book 1 Session – $35
Book 3 Sessions 5% Off – $100

Book 5 Sessions 10% Off – $190
Book 10 Sessions 20% Off – $335

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