Phytohormones, phyto is Greek for plant. Auxins and gibberellins are plant hormones that regulate. Auxins are syntheised at the stem tips and travel downards. If the plant loses the tip of othe stem it loses its ability to grow towards light.

After the seed germinates the roots and shoots begin to grow. The seed releases a hormone called Gibberelins, that is required for a plant to germinate. Gibberelin also promotes elongation of internodes, thats the stem in between nodes. Gibberellins (GA’s) were first identifised as metaboliltes of the fungus (Fusarium fujikuroi). Gibberellins are produced in the plant embryo ? There are three tyep GA1, GA2, GA3.

It helps with stem elongation, the bolting and flowering, and seed germination.

Cytokinin’s work alongside auxins. Cytokinin’s are made in the root apical meristem ? and carried upwards. THe plants deiceds roots or shoots based the ratio of cytokini to auxin. More uaxin creates more roots, while more cytoinan creates for shoots. They promotes

Bananas that are unripe put in a bag with ripe bananas will ripen much more quickly. This is due to the ehylene that causes it to rpien much more quickly.cell growth. It’s involved in cell growth or differentiation. Evenlyn is usually a gas? produce dby rapidly growing and ixfing cells ?

When a plant is dehydrated t produces abscisic acid that is syntheised in the chlorplasts of leaves when the plant is water stressed. Being a sign of dheydration it causes the stomata to close in the leaves to help prevent loss of water thorugh phototranspiartion