colonic irrigation
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Colonic Hydrotherapy

Pinnacle Colonic hydrotherapy or irrigation is a cleansing and detoxifying treatment for the colon involving washing out the large intestine with water.

The large intestine (also called the bowel or colon) is believed to be the eliminative aspect of the digestive area.  The contents of the stomach empty into the small intestine, and then the large.

There is a one way valve called the ileocecal valve between the small and large intestine which prevents the water going up into the small intestine.

We use an open machine, not a closed machine, which means the water is gravity fed and you’re using your own muscles to discharge the water which we believe is healthier.

Many people seek the benefits if they’re looking for weight loss, to aid with bloating and indigestion, and in some cases constipation.  Other people have traditionally used colonics with the idea of ridding the body of parasites, in conjunction with a liver or kidney cleanse or detox, or simply for an overall natural detoxification method.

A colonic is designed to detox your body of nasties.  Once the bowel is clean, some people speculate that the bloodstream, and the rest of the body may be cleaner.

There is nothing contra indicated after the procedure, and while we encourage people to eat healthy food high in vegetables, low sugar fruits,  grains, nuts and seeds, there is no special diet required.

After the procedure, people may leave as soon as it’s finished.  In a minority of cases some residual water may be in the colon after the treatment.

The cost is below.  We encourage you to book NOW:

Book 1 Session – $115
Book 3 Sessions 5% Off – $325
Book 5 Sessions 10% Off – $500
Book 10 Sessions 20% Off– $920

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