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Cryo Therapy

Cryo means cold.  It’s sometimes called cold treatment, cold therapy.  Some people call it the new technology ice bath.  People use the cryogenic nitrogen saunas as therapy for muscle recovery, believing the muscular recovery it offers may be superior to cold water only.

Your operator will not push you further than you can handle, and we have many practical and safe ways under guidance to help you get to your desired temperature.  You can go as cool or as warm as you wish.

Old school natural health care professionals, Naturopaths and those who practised a science called Natural Hygiene, or hydrotherapy would pour ice water over the head, or sometimes wrap the person in an ice blanket, followed by a warm one.   We find that this alternative to an ice wrap, while -60 to -80C sounds cold, in actuality many people can do -100, -120, or even -195C!

Our operators are highly experienced and put your safety paramount.

Join our list of Australian champion athletes and others who have enjoyed the benefits.

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