Tidy – $35.00
Tint – $35.00
Redesign – $45.00
Full face threading – $80.00
Henna Brow – $60.00


The proper shaping of your eyebrows will shape and enhance the overall appearance of your face. Eyebrows, that are properly groomed will enhance the visual image of your face.

A professional can help you avoid unwanted tendencies such as over plucking, becoming Insta-worthy, rather than cringe worthy!

Your brows can be structured to properly frame the eye and define the most attractive appearance of your face. Any stray part of the brows can be tended to. Any harsh lines can be buffed out. The arch, and tail can be properly attended to, considering the position of the brow bone, the bridge of the nose, and the outside of the eye.

The right products can be applied, helping you fill, and identify any strays, avoiding the confusion of the overwhelm of products on the market.

The eyebrows can be waxed, trimmed, tinted (including with Henna). The thickness of your eyebrows will be considered. You’re just a step away from getting your eyebrows on track.


The brows are waxed or threaded.

Hairs are plucked using waxed or threaded between both eyebrows, and above and below the eyebrow if needed to shape the eyebrow accordingly. Waxing and threading requires precision. Any pain from waxing and threading is brief.


Tinting is great for people who have fine, or light-coloured eyebrows. The eyebrows are tinted to fill, and even the tone of your eyebrows. The tint can be painted in your desired eye shape.


Restoring botched brows can be a major pain in the arch. The brows are corrected, and reshaped to enhance the beauty, and appearance of the overall face, to give the shapeliest and best results.

Chin or upper lip wax or full-face threading

The chin and, or upper lip are waxed or threaded to remove unwanted hair.

Threading is a hair removal process from India that involves using two cotton strings, that twist around each other, and remove the hair from the root. It’s gentle for the skin. It’s painless but may sting slightly.

Waxing tends to target large areas of the skin, while threading allows you to be very precise.

Henna brows

Henna brows allows you to temporarily tint your eyebrows in a painless, and all-natural way. They’re shaped when you wake up in the morning. No need for pencils, and powders!

It’s used to produce longer lasting results.

Henna dye has been used for thousands of years by the Egyptians, and Indians, for art on the body, and temporary tattoos. Henna can be used to create an illusion of fullness, or depth. Henna is a safe, and natural alternative to tints, and dyes. Being plant derived extracted from the Henna plant, it’s vegan friendly and free from peroxide additives.

Henna naturally sheds as the skin does. It’s a less permanent option than cosmetic tattooing. It can also serve as a precursor to cosmetic tattooing to allows you to have a preview of the shape, and depth of colour. Henna won’t interfere with any pigment below. It’s often chose by people with lighter hair.

If you had any fear of an allergy, we can do a patch test first.