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Scientific Names: Melaleuca viridiflora, Melaleuca quinquenervia

Common names:

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Arabic names:  النيائولي (an-nia’ooli)  

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Annual/Perennial: Perennial

Height: 8 to 10m


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Clinical Studies:

A prospective, single-center, open-label study in a university-based inner city HIV/AIDS clinic evaluated the efficacy of alcohol-based and alcohol-free melaleuca oral solution in patients with AIDS and fluconazole-refractory oropharyngeal candidiasis.

The study included 27 patients with AIDS and oral candidiasis clinically refractory to fluconazole. Patients were randomized 1:1 to receive either alcohol-based or alcohol-free melaleuca oral solution four times daily for 2-4 weeks.

Thirteen patients were enrolled into cohort 1, and 14 patients were enrolled into cohort 2. The main outcome measure was resolution of clinical lesions of oral candidiasis. Evaluations were performed at 2 and 4 weeks for clinical signs and symptoms of oral candidiasis and quantitative yeast cultures.

All C. albicans isolates showed some degree of in vitro resistance to fluconazole. Overall, using a modified intent-to-treat analysis, 60% of patients demonstrated a clinical response to the melaleuca oral solution (7 patients cured and 8 patients clinically improved) at the 4-week evaluation.

Both formulations of the melaleuca oral solution appear to be effective alternative regimens for patients with AIDS suffering from oropharyngeal candidiasis refractory to fluconazole.


Vazquez JA, Zawawi AA. “Efficacy Of Alcohol-Based And Alcohol-Free Melaleuca Oral Solution For The Treatment Of Fluconazole-Refractory Oropharyngeal Candidiasis In Patients With AIDS.” 2002 September-October



Herb Name:  Niaouli

Other names: 


Scientific name: Melaleuca viridiflora

Family: Myrtaceae

Common part used: 

The oil is extracted from the leaves and young twigs, using the steam distillation method.

The niaouli is an evergreen tree with pointed leaves and spikey long yellow flowers. The leaves of the evergreen are extremely fragrant when crushed. Niaouli can be found in New Caledonia and Australia. It is sought after for its antiseptic, clearing and cleansing and as a physical and mental stimulant. 

Niaouli’s essential oil is extracted by steam distillation from its twigs, leaves and shoots. Niaouli’s essential oil has a sharp, clear floral aroma. It is used for its decongestant, insecticidal and stimulant properties. Niaouli is often mixed with juniper, lavender, lemon, lime, myrtle, rosemary, Scotch pine and sweet fennel to prepare many different mixtures for many different ailments.

Niaouli has a long history of use by many different cultures. In New Caledonia the fresh air and absence of malaria is credited solely to the niaouli tree. It is also used in New Caledonia to purify their water supply. In the Middle East it is valued as a tea that helps stimulate healthy bowels. It has been used in many hospitals: the French use it in the obstetrics and gynecology fields because of its high antiseptic qualities.

Medicinal Uses: Niaouli is used often with cancer patients because of its effect as a stimulant for the circulation and it increased the growth of white blood cells. It can be used to alleviate the pain of muscle tension. It is also good for intestinal infections along with urinary infections.

When using niaouli to wash infected wounds it is best used when diluted. Niaouli rinse is often prescribed by herbalist to aid in healing of acne, boils, ulcers, cuts and insect bites because of its powerful tissue stimulant. Niaouli is used to aid in clearing the mind and it aids in concentration.

Niaouli oil is nontoxic and it is not irritating: it is a powerful stimulant, so be sure to use it early at night and only use in combination with more sedative oil. Be sure to buy only good quality niaouli oil.