• Hourly schedule for typical cancer patient
  • Hourly schedule for cancer patients- 5 weeks onwards
  • Hourly schedule for chemo or weekend patient
  • Hourly schedule for non-malignant patient

(Note: Subsequent changes to the protocol will depend upon the individual response to the therapy, which can be assessed by blood test reports, imaging reports (CT scan, pet scan, MRIs) and any visible changes to the person’s health condition).

Diabetes Protocol

  • Very general which need assistance from a professional

Using Gerson Principles for healthy living

  • For people who do not specific health problems of any significance
  • Used for prevention or health enhancement
  • Plant based, organic whole food diet- low sodium/ high potassium
  • Follow 75%/25% rules
  • Avoid food allergens
  • Juice when possible
  • Coffee enemas in balance with juicing

Using Non-Malignant Protocol as a Detox

  • Can use this protocol for a short period of time
  • Do not take thyroid if not already prescribed
  • Without thyroid- not more than 2 drops of Lugol’s
  • Other supplements ok if not contraindicated
  • Recommend baseline bloodwork

Laboratory Testing

  • Important for self-monitoring
  • CBC with differential
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Profile
  • Lipid Profile
  • T4, T3, TSH (thyroid tests)
  • Tumor markers if appropriate
  • Blood work should be reviewed every 4 weeks in the early stages of the Therapy
  • If values are stable, testing can be done at longer intervals such as every 6 to 8 weeks
  • If no doctor available to order the tests, try www.directlabs.com
  • Ask for the Comprehensive Wellness Profile