eyelash extensions

Classic Lashes – $90.00
Glamour Lashes – $120.00
Volume Lashes – $130.00

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a 100% safe, pain free, and non invasive way to enhance the look of your eyes, and lashes by adding lashes individually, as opposed to in a cheap strip, to enhance the look of your eyes and eye lashes.

Eye lashes come in three sorts: silk, synthetic, and (faux) mink.

Silk eyelash extensions are made using human made fibres, it’s not actual silk as this would decompose wihin days, and not hold the curl. Silk has a more matte / natural black finished as others, and the ends aren’t as tapered. They tend to fan more, and better than other sets.

Synthetic eyelash extensions are considered the most firm and sturdy of any option. They look more striking, and due to their thickness can look very dramatic. They hold a curl easily, but don’t last as long on the natural lash. They’re not always considered to look as soft and natural.

Synthetic are often used for short term use, as they’re less quality than the silk, and (faux) mink option.

(Faux) mink lashes are used, one advantage is they’re not actually made from animals, so there is no cruelty involved. Again these are human made, designed to imitate real mink fur. They are more glossy than others, and black in coloured, and more tapered on the end than others. Some people feel they’re softer than silk, but most people can’t tell the difference.

The length ranges from 6-17mm with variable thicknesses and curves. The average number of lashes used are 70-120 for each eye. A number of looks can be achieved.

The lashes are designed to look natural, and add definition to the eyes. It eliminates the need for mascara.

It can take 60-90 minutes to apply a full set of eyelash extensions. Each lash is applied individually using safe, strong and semi permanent glue, that’s non irritable to the eyes, or damage natural lashes.

The procedure is relaxing (some clients fall asleep). You simply close your eyes, and allow the technician to do the technique.

Usually lashes last at least four weeks. You also get after care procedures. Lash extensions are customisable, and are designed to look real.

It’s designed to not only improve your overall appearance, but to take into account your face shape, bone structure, and existing look of the natural lashes to make you look and feel amazing. You can choose a more natural, or enhanced look.

It’s preferred to show up to the appointment with clean skin, and wearing no eye make up. This includes no eye shadow, eye liner, and mascara.

It’s important to be gentle with them initially. For 12-24 hours after the appointment it’s important to not get water touching the extended lashes. If you do want to shower simply don’t weight the lashes, or stay for a prolonged period in the steam.

Once the lashes are set if you do swim in chlorinated or salty water, splash the extensions with fresh water afterwards.

In addition, be careful to not rub your face too hard with a towel and push the area excessively.

Another part of after care is to be careful of using creams, or oily soaps, and excessive eye patting on the lashes. or waxes which may weaken the adhesive. Pat them gently. There are products specifically designed to be safe with extensions. Avoid rubbing or tugging the eye.

The lashes can be brushed with a clean brush upon awakening. Eyelash extensions, since they are attached to an individual eye will fall out naturally with the growth of each lash. They do need to be done again. We do use the best products we can for the most longevity for your body.

There is no need to wear mascara after the appointment, and it is not recommended, but if you must you can apply it lightly at the tips, with a very light hand.

In addition to looking fabulous, eyelash extensions are instantly gratifying – you get the look you want with one appointment. Once they are applied they should feel like normal lashes. You won’t need to apply mascara, and this will save you time. In the interests of longevity it’s important to choose a set that your lashes can safely hold, based on maximum length and thickness.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going for a look for a specific function such as a wedding, or for a long term look. Eyelash extensions usually last up to five to six weeks, and in fills and can be done regularly up to four weeks. Natural eye lashes do have a life cycle before the fall, much like the hair on the head. If you choose to add regular fills your eyelash look can last indefinitely.

Any body who practises the art of working with eye lash extensions needs to become adept at filling, removal, and repair.

Light set

A light set, more commonly spelled lite set, is known as a half set of eye lashes.

Classic lashes

Classic eye lash extensions, or a full set of eye lash extensions is a technique in which lashes are added individually. It’s suitable for beginners, and people new to getting eye lash extensions. It adds length and a full appearance to the natural lash line. The eye lashes are extremely light weight, and shouldn’t be felt.

Glamour classic

Glamour classic eyelash extensions are the thickest set of classic lashes. It is a dramatic look that covers 90-100% of the eyelashes. They’re often used on special occasions, by brides, and those wanting extra definition.

Due to the extra lashes applied, they also usually last longer than other classic sets.

Volume lashes

Volume lashes, sometimes called Russian volume lashes. Adding volume lashes requires skill, and is very popular amoung those who love eyelash extensions. The volume lash look is for clients who want a more full look. They are light weight, and evenly distributed to give a natural look.