Scientific name: Chelone glabra

Common names: Balmony, Bitter Herb, Fishmouth, Shell Flower, Snake Head, Turtle Bloom, Turtle Head

Ayurvedic names:

Chinese names:

Bangladesh names:

Arabic names:     رأس الأفعى (ra’esu l’af’aa)

Rain Forest names:

Family:  Scrophulariaceae

Approximate number of species known:

Common parts used: Leaf, flower, stem


Annual/Perennial: Perennial

Height: 1 to 3 feet

Actions: Anthelmintic, anti-bilious, anti-emetic, cholagogue, detergent, hepatic, laxative, stimulant, tonic

Known Constituents: Bitter iridoids, resin

Constituents Explained: 


A perennial plant of the Figwort family found in the eastern United States and Canada.
2 to 4 feet high, smooth-stemmed (slightly 4-sided), bearing opposite oblong leaves (stalkless or nearly so and toothed) and short dense terminal spikes of two-lipped white (or purplish) or cream or rose flowers appearing on a spike. 

Leaves have a slight, somewhat tea-like odor and a very bitter taste.

Traditional Use:

For the liver. 

As a bitter to stimulate the flow of digestive and salivary juices. 

For the gall bladder and its laxative properties.

To treat worms in children.

Externally for skin conditions such as eczema.

Clinical Studies:


Source material:

Herb Name: Turtlehead

Other Names:  Balmony

Latin Name:  Citrus aurantium

Family:  Scrophulariaceae

Common parts Used: 

Turtlehead also known as chelone glabra is herbaceous plant. The color of the flowers are mostly white. It is mostly found in Eastern North America. It belongs to the family Scrophulariaceae. It required moist or wet soil to grow.

The plant is bitter in taste. It has same flavor like tea. Turtlehead is considered as a tonic for digestive system. It is also used to strengthen the liver. The plant is also considered as antidepressant. It is used internally for the treatment of diseases of liver, gallbladder, stones in gallbladder. It is also used as a tonic against nausea and vomiting. It is also used in child to expel worms in digestive tract. In females it is also used externally for inflamed breasts.