Other names: Hog apple, may apple, american mandrake, indian apple, duck’s foot, ground lemon, wild lemon, racoon berry 

Scientific name:  Podophyllum peltatum

Common names:

Ayurvedic names:

Chinese names: 

Bangladesh names: 

Arabic names:    اليبروج (al yabrooj)

Rain Forest names:

Family: Fabaceae

Approximate number of species known:

Common parts used: Root


Annual/Perennial: Perennial

Height: Upto 2 feet

Actions:  Alterative, antibilious, cathartic, cholagogue, diaphoretic, emetic, resolvant, vermifuge

Known Constituents:

Constituents Explained:


Traditional Use:

A well known herb often used for the liver.  Jethro Kloss described it as “in chronic liver diseases it has no equal.”  He often combined it with Senna leaves. He used it as a cathartic and uterine tonic.1

Clinical Studies: