Iridology is the science of looking at the structure and pigments of the eyes.  It has been used for hundreds of years, but in modern times it was first documented in writing in 1665 by Phillippus Meyeus in Germany.

The Medical Doctor Ignatz Von Peczely is considered the first doctor in modern times to document his study.  Von Peczely from Hungary later had his work confirmed by the Swedish Nils Liljequist who spent over 30 years studying the colours of the eye, particularly pigments that would appear in the human iris after using drugs of the day such as iodine and Quinine.

Dr Henry Lindlahr continued his work who was a big fan of the healing crisis, or detoxification as the foundation of natural intervention.  His work was considered by Dr Bernard Jensen who is considered the modern day “father” of American Iridology.

His work is continued by his daughter in law Ellen Jensen who married his son Art who integrated much of the work of Dr Josef Deck, and Dr Joseg Angerer from Germany including integrating iris terminolgy to bring in more inline with medical science vocabularly.

Iridology continues to be practised around the world, and his practised by many natural health care practitoiners and medical doctors worldwide including by Dr Tharindu Fernando an Opthamologist in Sri Lanka who continues to develop software to read the human iris.

The human iris is continued to be studied for biometric identification, as well as by companies like bright occular which are developing technology to help people change their eye colour for cosmtic purposes.

Iridology has had a rich history in Germany, Hungary, Sweden, Russia, and other parts of Europe and Noth America.

Come in and see one of our experienced practitioners now.  Given our rich history we aim to take it out of the realm of pseudo science, or quack medicine, into timeless, driven principles by experienced practitioners that can make astutue observations to help you move forward in your life.