Communication is the process of communicating through our senses: sight, sound, taste, touch and smell to impart a message.  In this section we will focus on the aspect of verbal communication which is communicated through sound, and written communication which people read.  Language is a set of words, and how they are put together by a culture or group.  If you can’t understand the communication you’ce recieved, ineffective communication has taken place.  Communication takes place in a variety of settings.
  People use communication as a means of expressing, or conveying feelings, thoughts.

> Written Communication
> Verbal Communication
The form of verbal communication is called speech, which we use with language.
>> Words
Words are basically made up sounds that are agreed upon universally by speakers of that language to communicate about objects.  People some times needed to write down their communication, rather than just verbally.  It is believed this was originally done through symbols, hieroglyphs or pictures.

Eventually the Alphabet evolved.  The alphabet is a collection of a finitie, or fixed quanitity of letters that allows people to construct words from those letters.
Words serve different purposes.  The categories that these words are assigned to are called “parts of speech”.
>> Sentences
A sentence is a group of word that together creates a complete message.  A sentence without a clear message could be dscribed as an ” incomplete sentence”.   For a sentence to be complete it is considered to have a subject, and a verb.
>>> Sentence subjects
>>> Objects
We start communicating usually by referring to an objecty.
>>>> Direct objects
>>>> Indirect object
>> Paragraphs
>> Expressing Thought
>> Punctuation
>>> Full stop (period)
>>> Comma
>>> Colon
>>> Semi colon
>>> Excalamtion point
>>> Question mark
>>> Quotations marks
>>>> Single quotation marks
>>> Apostrophe
>>> Parentheses
> Italic
> Underlining
Capital Letters
> Proper Nouns
> Proper Modifiers