Petals are the leaves that aurround the repdoructive parts of flowers.

Sepals are the protection for the flower when in bud, and used as support fot the petals.

Where the stem meets the flower is called the receptacle. The stamen is the male part of the plan that forms out of th eflower like antennas?
The filament supports the anther on the end, together they are called the stamen.. THat is the male part of the plant

The carepl is the female part of the plant. The end of the carpel is the stigma, the style is the long vertical part coming out of the carpel. The ovary is located at the nbottom end of the style.

Pollenation is the transfe of pollen from the male anter otf one plant to the female stigma of another.

Wind and water can move the pollen, or pillinators can move the pllen such as insects and birds.

THe flower looks different based on if it’s received the pollen from wind and water, or a pollinator. Once a plant has been pllinated ferilisation occurs resuling in seeds being produced.