Plant cells convert carbondioxide from the air and convert it into oxygen for us to breathe. when did plants evolve? lycophytes? carboniferous period

plants exist by shedding spores

angiospores ? eggs in plant? to repsorduce

cretaceous period ?

organelles ?

The cell walls of the plant are made out o fcellulose and lignan ? which is very strong

Plants make their food through photo synethesis ? needing sunlight and water ? what aspect does soil play ?

plastids ?

chloroplasts are the most important of the plastids. They are only found in plant cells, not animal cells.

Plant cells have central vacuoles?

Mesozoic period is 252 – 66 mya broken into triassic (252 – 201 mya), jurassic (201 – 145 mya), cretaceous (145 – 66 mya)

they use light into sugar and oxygen ?

vaciules contain water ?