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Colonic hydrotherapy or irrigation is a cleansing and detoxifying treatment for the colon involving washing out the large intestine with water.
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, (sometimes called HBOT for short) is performed in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Hyperbaric means
Floating tanks are sometimes called floating pods, float tank, float pods. Salt tanks, salt baths, or epsoms
An infrared (ir) sauna gets the name from infrared light which is light that is inferior to red in the light spectrum. Sometimes it is called
A salt room pr Himalayan salt room, sometimes called halo (meaning salt) therapy, salt cave, salt spa, dry salt therapy, salt air,
Cryo means cold. A Cryotherapy chamber is sometimes called cold treatment, cold therapy. Some people call it the new technology ice bath.
The word Naturopath was coined by 1895 by John Scheel who later sold the word to Benedict Lust. Naturopaths use herbs...
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is all about bringing about changes in perception, responsible communication
Ayruvedic Doctor
The most significant resource for Ayurvedic medicine are Ayurvedic doctors who provide diagnosis and appropriate Ayurvedic treatment.
Iridology is the science of looking at the structure and pigments of the eyes. It has been used for hundreds of years,
Massages come in many shapes and sizes. There are remedial, Thai, hot rock or stone, therapeutic, kinesiology and simply relaxing massages.
Red Light Therapy
Red light therapy is formally called photobiomodulation intervention or therapy. Some times it's called low level light
Chiropractors are typically known for the technique of spinal manipulation, however, there is much more to the art ...
IV is short for intravenous therapy, sometimes called an iv infusion. People have used iv's for everything from hang overs to general health!
The Egoscue Method is a system designed to first assess an individual’s basic structural alignment and then develop a program of exercises called “e-cises”
Compression Suit
Compression therapy is a simple and effective means of increasing blood flow activity through strengthening blood vessel support.
Osteo Strong
The bioDensity machine is designed for structural support to increase muscle mass and bone density by applying a force to the joint in the strongest
In high-altitude environments, you draw in less oxygen per breath than you would at lower altitudes. That means each breath will deliver less oxygen to your muscles.


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