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The Renal System

The Renal System: Overview and Facts you need to know about One of the body’s systems is the Renal System. The parts involved in this system are the Kidneys, bladder, urethra, and ureters. The renal system’s primary function in the body is the elimination of excess substances and waste products in the blood which are …

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The Cold Truth

The Cold Truth: 5 Health Benefits from being exposed to the Cold When it comes to cold temperatures, a lot of people often have doubts about its benefits. It’s also a common belief and a fact that once you’re overexposed to the extreme coldness, say being lightly clothed in a snowstorm or falling into icy …

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The Nervous System

The Nervous System The nervous system is the system comprising of a complex collection of nerves and neurons responsible for transmitting electrical signals between different parts of the body. The nervous system is basically a pathway to the brain which sends and receives information to any changes that occur inside and outside the body. The …

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