ablation a surgical procedure that uses radiofrequency to remove body tissues or body parts causing irregularities in heart rythm.
ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme) inhibitor relaxes vein and arteries to lower blood pressure
acetylcholine a chemical that transmits messages to nerve and muscle cells
anemia a medical condition wherein there is a deficiency of red blood cells
aneurysm enlargement of artery
angina pectoris a condition also known as chest pain
angio derived from a greek word means ‘vessel’ or ‘container. used in forming compound word as in ‘ blood vessel’.
anticoagulant a substance that keeps bloob from clotting
aorta from a greek word aorte means ‘ a strap to hang’ . aorta is the main artery of the body, transports blood out of the heart to the smaller arteries that distributes to the limbs and other organs except to the lungs.
arrhythmia either fast or slow irregular heart beats
arteries a blood vessel that carries blood away from the heart
arterio Derived from a greek word means ‘see’ . used in forming compound words as in arteriosclerosis.
arterioclerosis means stiffening or hardening or artery walls
athero Derived from a greek word means soft pasty materials. it is a predix word used i forming compound words.
atherosclerosis Buildup of plaques in the arteries
bicuspid Valve that has two leaflets
biopsy a procedure of examining a sample of tissue
brady a greek word which means ‘slow’. it is used in forming a compound word as on bradycardia
bradycardia slow heart rate less than 60 beats per minute
capillaries a tiny blood vessel connecting arteries to vein
cardialgia pain felt in the heart A.KA heartburn
cardio a greek word that means heart.
cardiomegaly a medical condition also known as enlargement of the heart.
cardiomyopathy a medical condition that is related to a heart muscle disease
congestive heart failure heart muscle stops pumping of blood
corona a latin word that means ‘crown’. it is a term used to describe any structure either be a normal or pathologic that resembles a crown
CPR Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. is a procedure that is being performed in an emergency situation when someone’s life is in danger. can be done through a combination of a rescue breathing and chest compression
cyanosis insufficient supply of oxygen in the circulation resulting to bluish discoloration of skin or mucuos membrane
cyte a prefix related to or means cell. it is derived from a greek word ‘kytos’ means hollow receptacle.
dyspnea difficulty in breathing
dysrythmia a condtion wherein there is an abnormal heart rythm
echocardiogram ultrasound of the heart
ectomy a suffix word derived from a greek word ‘ act of cutting out ‘ means ‘surgical removal’
edema accumulation of fluids resulting to swelling
embolus blood clot in the blood stream
emia the ending – emia is derived from a greek word which means a condition of blood.
erythro a word that is derived from a greek word ‘eruthros’ means red.
extravascular means outside the blood vessel
flutter ineffective contractions of the heart muscle
hemato derived from a greek word means blood. used as a prefix combining word as in hematoma
hematoma a bleeding outside the blood vessels caused by an injury to the wall of blood vessels resulting to swelling of blood clot in the tissues.
hemostasis stoppage of bleeding. comes from a greek roots heme (blood) + stasis (halt) = halt of the blood.
homograft tissue or organ transplanted to a donor from a same species
hypercholesterolemia elevation of cholesterol in the blood
hyperglycemia high level of blood glucose
hypertension elevation of the blood pressure in the arteries
hypogylcemia low level of blood glucose
hypotension low blood pressure in the arteries
hypoxia low oxygen level in the organds and body tissues
infarct a permanent heart damage due to insufficient supply of oxygen
intravascular means inside the blood vessel
ischemia insufficient supply of blood to body tissues
itis a suffix word that is related to an inflammation. it is used to form words in describing a certain condition that is being inflammed.
lesion a word that is pertaining to an injury or wound.
leukemia a medical condition wherein there is a deficiency of white blood cells
leuko from a greek word means white; that is used as as prefix as in leukocyte (white blood cell)
lumen a hollow area inside a blood vessel.
lytic a suffix word that is related to’lysis, lysin or destroy’.
megaly a word used in formimg a combined word meaning irregular enlargement
mycordial infarction also known as heart attack
myo a prefix word pertaining to a muscle.
myocardisis inflammation of the muscle of the heart
ology a noun that defines a branch of study.
oma a suffix word used to form names of a tumor.
pacamaker device used to control the heart rate
palpitation a condition that is being felt when there is a fast irregular heart beats
paralysis inability to move muscles or feel part of the body. maybe a permanent or temporary
patho derived from a greek word ‘pathos’ which means ‘suffering or disease’.
penia a word used in forming a combined word realting to a ‘deficiency or lack of’.
peri a prefix word means surrounding or around
pericardial effusion excess fluid surrounding the heart
pericarditis inflammation of the surroundings of the heart
phago derived from a greek work ‘phagein’ which means – to eat.
phlebo thin tubes in a body where blood flows carrying oxygen towards the heart
plaque deposit of fats
plasty a word to form a combined word meaning ‘molding, formation, surgical repair’
platelet cells that are responsible for blood clot formation
poly a prefix word used in combining words to describe many or much.
pulmo a latin word which means ‘lung’
pulmonary referring to the lungs and respiratory system
renal referring to a kidney
rubella also called as German measles or a three-day measles. it is a contagious viral infection and can cause fetal malformation if infected at early pregnancy.
sclerosis it is a medical condition that is related to an abnormal hardening of tissues or organs
septum the muscle wall between atria or ventricle
shunt a connector that allows a body fluid to move from one place to another.
sphygmomanometer an instrument used to measure blood pressure and especially arterial blood pressure. it composes of inflatable band which is wrapped around the arm and inflates to constrict the arteries.
sternum a series of flat bone from your throat to ribs.
stethoscope a device used for listening the sound of the body
stroke loss of brain function
syncope is condition wherein you loss consciousness due to insufficient blood flow in the brain.
tachy it means fast, rapid, accelerated
tachycardia a rapid heart rate of more than 100 beats per minute
thrombo from a greek work which means ‘lump’ . a term used to form a compound words.
valvuloplasty a procedure perataining to repairing of heart
vasodilator a medication that dilates or widens the opeing of blood vessel
vein blood vessel that carries blood towards the heart
veno used in forming a combined word which means vein.
ventricle cavity of bodily part or organ
vertigo a condition wherein you felt dizzy or dizziness