• The two step Norwalk Juicer (Grinding and Pressing)
  • A hand operated press (Juice Press Factory) combined with the Champion juicer used as a grinder is priced lower, does the same job.
  • A separate grinder and a separate press
  • Centrifugal Machines: Air has too much access to the juicing process and produces much smaller amounts of juice
  • Masticating Machines: Remove only some fiber making them less desirable for cancer patients and involve a large amount of friction and heat

Gerson Institute Position Statement on Juicers

  • Based on decades of Gerson therapy experience, the two-step Norwalk Juicer provides the greatest benefits on the full Gerson Therapy
  • The Champion juicer combined with a hand-operated press/the Juice Press Factory is priced lower than the Norwalk and does the same job but with more effect
  • The Champion alone or Green Power can be used for non-malignant conditions

Juices on Full Gerson Therapy

1 Orange Juice
5 Carrot/ Apple
4 Green
3 Carrot Only

Total of 13 Juices

  • Why juice? It maximizes body’s ability to absorb/ assimilate nutrients with minimal effort
  • The juices flush the cells and are the medicine
  • High potassium ratio
  • Don’t add other ingredients

Fresh Juice

  • Preparing the day’s juice in the morning renders the juices largely ineffective
  • Juices consists of living fast neutralizing oxidizing enzymes
  • The body needs active oxidizing enzymes, supplied throughout the day. These cannot be maintained active except by freshly pressed juice given at hourly intervals.

Orange Juice

  • Added at breakfast, could use carrot/ apple instead
  • Sometimes omitted for diabetes/ scleroderma/ rheumatoid arthritis
  • May replace with grapefruit juice
  • Orange juice presses squeeze the skin of the citrus which will emit harmful fatty acids/ aromatic substances
  • Uses 3-4 oranges
  • $1 per juice x 1 times per day= $1

Carrot/Apple Juice

  • Carrot juice produced better results
  • High in protein
  • Contains a natural pesticide
  • 5 glasses a day
  • $0.75-$1.00 per juice

             X 5 per day:

      $3.75- $5.00

Apple Juice

  • Green apples, avoid red delicious
  • Green apples are preferable, higher in pectin and possibly malic acid which helps chelate heavy metals
  • Higher nutrition absorption from carrots when apple added
  • Hard to find end of summer, stock up
  • Use only half apple for: Pippin, Gala and Fuji

Green juice

  • Lettuce: Romaine, green leaf
  • Swiss Chard
  • Beet Tops
  • Escarole
  • Endive
  • Red Cabbage leaves:

1”x 2” x 1” chunk

(Note: All the ingredients of green juice should be a few leaves each)

  • Green Pepper: ¼ small pepper
  • Watercress: ¼ bunch
  • Granny Smith Apple: 1 medium sized
  • Procure as many of the various kinds of leaves as possible (no others)
  • List is specific- Do not substitute
  • May end up sodium rich juice/oppose K-Na shift
  • Suppress thyroid (No kale and Cruciferous veggies)
  • Correct proportions important: may create too strong or bitter juice, too purple or brown
  • $2.75 per juice

X 4 per day


Green Juice Benefits

  • Supports cellular detoxification
  • Builds blood
  • Supports liver detoxification
  • Support bones
  • High in vitamin K and Calcium
  • Red cabbage contains amino acid glutamine

Washing the Produce

  • When someone need to wash the produce, first of all they need to make sure that their water should have couple of drops of iodine or you can also use hydrogen peroxide.