hyperbaric oxygen
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Hyperbaric Oxygen

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, (sometimes called HBOT for short) is performed in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.  Hyperbaric means above normal atmospheric pressure of the Earth (sometimes called barometric pressure).  Usually this is done with as close to 100% oxygen as can be put into the tank.

We make no claim for the benefits, however the people that seek out the chamber are normally people seeking to make a difference or improvement in their nervous system, brain such as memory, concentration or focus.

We’ve also seen people use it for potential benefits in many other situations, such as plastic surgeons referring to us to help people recovering from surgery.  We have many professional athletes wishing to make a difference in their performance.

We’ve had Olympic athletes, Commonwealth Games athletes and others come in and use it.

The cost is below.  We encourage you to book NOW:

Book 1 Session – $100
Book 3 Sessions 5% Off– $285
Book 5 Sessions 10% Off – $450
Book 10 Sessions 20% Off – $800

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