Fertilisers is food or nutrition for plants. It comes in natural or artifical form, with artifical being the type deliberately put their by people in order to nourish the plant. The plant gets its nutrients from soil? Soil with nutrients gives a plant a more stable base to potentially be able to thrive from.

Humans invented fertiliser to try and control the production of farming hence creating a more stable, consistent and higher output of food and nutrients for our species. In some cases soil loses nutrients so we’ve needed to replace it with fertiliser.

Food, nutrients and energy allows more members of a species to surive and eat.

Some elements that fertiliser may contain include nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium. Fertilisers has enabled us to betternourish our race. The fertility of soil has been reported by civilisations as old as the egyptians as using minerals or manure to change or enhance the state of the soil.