One Infrared Sauna Session


Experience the Infrared Difference

If you think all saunas are about the same, we have big news for you. Traditional saunas have been around forever. Virtually unchanged, delivering heat via the conduction and convection of heated air that is radiated through the heated surfaces of the sauna room.

Today, infrared Saunas work differently. The body experiences radiant heat from infrared light, raising the body temperature and stimulating metabolic activity. Saunas have long been revered for relieving stress, but Infrared Saunas offer a whole new world of benefits.

Stress Relief is only the Beginning

Raising the body’s temperature increases blood flow, oxygenating body cells and bringing blood to the surface of the skin, purifying and detoxifying stored toxins. Many people claim anti-aging benefits and up to 600 calories may be burned as you indulge in luxury.

Other benefits include the strengthening of the immune system, a dramatic reduction of stress and overall fatigue, and relief from the pain of muscle spasms. Arthritis sufferers may find significant relief with less pain, stiffness and swelling during infrared therapy.

From the reduction of stored toxins to healthier and more youthful looking skin, to less stress, reduced pain, more energy and even the promotion of weight loss, today’s infrared saunas provide remarkable benefits.



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