Gerson Institute

  • It is founded in 1977
  • Mission- healing and preventing chronic and degenerative diseases, based on the vision, philosophy and the successful work of Dr. Max Gerson
  • Helpline (888-443-7766)
  • Email (


  • 2 clinics (Hungary and Mexico)
  • Licensing and clinic applications

How to apply to Mexico Clinic

  • Download applications from
  • Submit with medical records
  • Gerson doctors review
  • If accepted, Gerson Institute staff assist with admission process

Patient Follow-up Program

  • Contact every 3 months
  • Encouragement and resources
  • Compliance and progress
  • Successful cases
  • Future research

Telephone Coaching Service

  • Orientation to get started
  • Non-medical guidance
  • Gerson’s books guide clients
  • Over 500 people since January 2009
  • 2 coaches in English and Spanish
  • Application online

Gerson Cooking Classes

  • First Saturday of the month
  • 9 am-2:30 pm
  • Learn to make Gerson food, Hippocrates soup, and juices
  • Sign up at www.

Home Set-up trainers

  • Comes to your home
  • Teaches your helper
  • Trainer request form from Blanca
  • Helps implement your protocol
  • Works great with coaching
  • Does not give medical advice
  • You must have a protocol

Charlotte Gerson Health Restoration Center

  • Naturopath construct, monitors health protocol
  • Supplements, meals, rooms included
  • Classes on therapy
  • Screening application online

Gerson Basics Boot Camp 

  • Help yourself, family and friends
  • Does not provide certification
  • Week-long hands on
  • Held at restoration center
  • Non-medical aspect
  • Application online

Gerson Practitioner Training

  • Module 1- 1 week in San diego
  • MD, OD, NP, DC, ND from all over the world
  • Screening application online

Certified Practitioners

  • Module II- Supervise patients on Gerson Therapy under supervision of Medical Director of Education
  • Then add to our certified practitioner referral list


  • Did the Gerson therapy
  • Agree to speak to prospective patients
  • Listed by diagnosis

Support groups

  • Dr. Azar- last Monday of the month
  • 1 hour- online webinar program
  • Emotional support, tips and information
  • Not to ask about diagnosis or protocols
  • Support group map

Juicer Loaner Program

  • Free service
  • Norwalk and Champion juicers
  • Need donations of more juicers


  • Grants
  • Store
  • Fundraising Committee
  • Independent Charities of America Combined Federal Campaign
  • Events           


  • Your donations allow to provide more free services to people
  • Separate from the clinic
  • Fee for service programs don’t cover all costs
  • Matching gifts


  • Local volunteers only
  • Help in kitchen and office
  • Classes
  • Photography
  • Translations