Other Names: Wheat germ

Scientific Names: Triticum aestivum

Common names:

Ayurvedic names:

Chinese names: Fu xiao mai

Bangladesh names: Gom

Arabic names:    قمح (qameh)

Rain Forest names:

Family:  Gymanaceae

Approximate Number of Species Known:

Common Parts Used: Seed


Annual/Perennial: Annual

Height: upto 4 feet or more


Known Constituents: 

Constituents Explained:

Description:   (please note: this is the general characteristics –  colour, flavor etc)

Traditional Use:

Clinical Studies:


Herb Name:  Wheat

Other Names:  bread wheat

Latin Name:  Triticum aestivum

Family:  Gramineae

Common parts Used: seed

Wheat is world wide cultivated grass. The wheat is the most eaten cereal in the world. It belongs to the family Gramineae. It is mostly cultivated in beds.

Wheat seed is cooked and used in different items. But the seed is crushed into flour for use. The flour is used to make bread, pasta, cakes and biscuits.

The stem especially young stem are used for the treatment for gastric distress. The ashes of stem are used to remove blemishes. The seed is considered to have hormones which stimulate fertility in women. The seed of wheat is also used to treat sore throats and abdominal coldness. Wheat is also used for constipation. The wheat has also considered to have anticancer properties.