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What is bodybuilding. The benefits and harms of bodybuilding


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What is bodybuilding. The benefits and harms of bodybuilding

In recent decades, bodybuilding has become increasingly popular: someone wants to improve form, achieve harmony and self-confidence, others – to improve health. But what does everybody need to know about bodybuilding?

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There are several main types of bodybuilding, recently the most popular are:





Classic bodybuilding is a formal trend in bodybuilding, a relative new. There are no special requirements for athletes, the main rule is an aesthetic and harmonious physique. And the weight does not matter, and the division of athletes occurs in height. Here are the rules: a man is not a mountain of muscles.

Natural bodybuilding involves the construction of a beautiful body without the use of steroids. The main goal of training is to improve the health and fitness of an athlete. But in beach bodybuilding the main attention is paid to the direction of force, but also does not accept excessive muscle mass.

Female bodybuilding was born in 1978, when the first competitions were held. Here it is important to achieve harmony between the pumped muscles and the elegant female body. And here much less attention is paid to pumped muscles, compared with men’s sports.

Bodybuilding benefits

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It is proved that bodybuilding helps to develop endurance and strength, and regular exercises have a visible anti-aging effect on the body. Also bodybuilding affects the strength of the heart muscle, its volume. Observations showed that the athlete’s heart can pump up to 42 liters of blood per minute.

Regular exercise has a positive effect on the walls of blood vessels, they become more elastic. An equally important effect is on the peripheral capillaries, which gradually fade with age. The eminence labs greater the load on the muscles, the stronger the capillaries open and the better the blood circulates in the body.

A few more positive aspects of bodybuilding were noted by American scientists:

1. Bodybuilding helps get rid of a bad mood.

Exercise helps produce natural antidepressants in the body – endorphins. In addition, regular exercise eliminates the complexities, tightness in the body, helps to be more confident. However, it is worth being attentive, with advanced stages of depression as a mental disorder with sports, you have to wait and continue the drug treatment.

2. Bodybuilding for diabetics.

Bodybuilding helps to rid the body of sugar. During classes, it will serve as a natural source of energy.

3. Bodybuilding affects the joints.

Exercising this sport helps to maintain joint mobility, and also strengthens the skeleton.

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In addition to these highlights, you need to clarify other positive factors of bodybuilding:

helps get rid of salts;

improves body shape;

helps to lose weight, reduces cholesterol;

boosts immunity;

strengthens the body’s endurance, increases human strength.

Can bodybuilding harm the body?

Observation of physicians and experienced athletes showed that the main harm from bodybuilding lies in the intake of steroids. With their help, you can quickly build muscle mass than athletes can abuse. What happens in the end? The volume of muscles begins to increase rapidly, but the internal organs wear out, and their development slows down significantly. Sometimes there are athletes who, after prolonged use of steroids, internal organs are overgrown with cholesterol fat. All this adversely affects the work of the cardiovascular system.

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As you can see, in this case, the harm to the athlete does not bring the bodybuilding itself, but the abuse of additional drugs. It is worth noting several other unpleasant consequences, the causes of which can be anabolic agents:


depression or excessive aggressiveness;

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poor skin condition, acne;

abrupt jumps in blood pressure or hypertension;

problems in the digestive tract;

decrease in potency.

It is the last point most of all worries representatives of the stronger sex. But testosterone propionate for sale can steroids reduce potency? Steroids are similar in structure to testosterone. If you exceed the rate of use of steroids, the pituitary gland ceases to produce the usual amount of testosterone. As a result, the size of the testicles decreases, there are failures in the production of sperm.

Scientists have concluded that due to excessive use of steroids after a few years bodybuilder completely loses an erection, because the body is not able to produce testosterone. Natural bodybuilding, which is not based on the admission of special drugs that affect muscle growth, will help avoid most of the negative aspects in sports.

Also, do not plow for wear, because it can negatively affect the work of the nervous system. The human body is not adapted for excessive physical activities and restrictions for many years. Constant training and a new lifestyle athlete will help stimulate the production of cortisol (stress hormone). From time to time you need to get a rest period in order to avoid exhaustion, both physical and mental. It is worth recalling another pattern: the greater the training weight, the faster the body will be depleted.

Contraindications for bodybuilding

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There are several contraindications for bodybuilding, which need to pay attention:

intervertebral hernia. When they are prohibited any training that is in any way connected with the use of additional cargo;

in case of increased intracranial pressure. Loads can cause loss of consciousness, poor health, weakness, deterioration of blood flow to the brain;

with prostatitis, and especially with its acute form, it is necessary to adjust the training process in order to avoid additional loads;

disease of the joints and inflammatory processes in them are the reason to postpone classes for a while and undergo a course of therapy;

in case of scoliosis, it is necessary to constantly monitor the state of one’s health and, if possible, refuse large loads in work. It is believed that restorative gymnastics is required for such a disease.

Osteochondrosis is not a contraindication for bodybuilding, but experts recommend to undergo a full examination for additional recommendations. In the case of pulmonary diseases, bodybuilding is just important for improving the condition. During training, the volume of the lungs only increases, which helps even in the outflow of fluid from them. The only obstacle to sports are malignant education in them.

Bodybuilding refers to the active sports that help modify the body as a result of strength training buy steroids online with credit card. In addition, it is considered one of the most beautiful sports, helping to improve the shape, achieve the desired shape and balance the proportions. But during the classes it is imperative to monitor the state of your health and avoid overloading, which will negatively affect it.

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