Common sense, non-surgical pain relief at Pinnacle Health Clinics.

posture-therapyPosture Realignment Basics
Safe, effective and permanent relief for chronic pain without prescription drugs, living on painkillers and invasive surgery is the objective at Pinnacle. Getting your body moving with realigned posture can increase your energy level and improve overall health.

The Egoscue Method
Common sense therapy changing everything and offering everyone the hope they deserve with a clear path to get beyond their pain and reclaim their lives. Gentle exercises, thoughtful stretching, and a therapeutic regimen you can really live with.

How Pinnacle Can Help
Real relief for chronic musculoskeletal issues, the pain from injuries that come from the athletic field or the workplace, or from accidents, other chronic conditions, or aging. Get relief from chronic back, neck, shoulder, elbow, knee, wrist, elbow, hip pain and more.

The Body’s Ability to Heal
The body has the miraculous ability to heal. The key is to listen to what it’s telling us, and respond with gentle therapies, not invasive surgeries and drugs that imprison you rather than liberating you.
Who Can Be Helped
Whether you’re an athlete looking to up your game, or the victim of a lifetime of failed attempts to end chronic pain, Movement Therapy and Posture Realignment have proven healing power you can easily incorporate into everyday life.

Get Moving, Start Healing
Improve every day with more energy and make sluggish, can’t-do-it days memories. Feel better and enjoy better overall health and life satisfaction naturally, without a lifetime of dependency upon chemicals and invasive surgeries that disappoint and break the bank.