hyperbaric oxygen

Enhance Your Body’s Natural Healing

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, (HBOT) is an advanced medical treatment option enabling the ability to breathe 100% oxygen in a special, atmospherically controlled chamber. For a wide range of ailments, results have been significant as part of a total healthcare strategy.

Distinguishing this therapy is transporting oxygen at higher levels throughout the body by not only red blood cells, the traditional method, but by dissolving oxygen into all body fluids. This includes the plasma, central nervous system, bones, lymph fluids and more.

How HBOT Can Help

A primary benefit is the ability to reach damaged tissues with extra oxygen in previously hard to reach or blocked areas or parts of the body with compromised or diminished circulation. In this manner, the body is supported and enhances its own healing process.

It’s important to note the power of enhancing the ability of white blood cells through this therapy. By killing bacteria more efficiently, reducing swelling from injuries, and promoting the growth of new, heartier blood vessels in areas needing more attention to heal.

Best of all, this is a simple, proven, non-invasive and painless, alternative method of treatment, that can improve the overall quality of life. HBOT is an outstanding option for a variety of ailments.

One Hyperbaric Oxygen Session – $100
Five Hyperbaric Oxygen Sessions 10% Off – $405 ($450)
Ten Hyperbaric Oxygen Sessions 20% Off – $640 ($800)