At Pinnacle we’re committed to playing our part in helping you through the current crisis:

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Please remember this too shall pass. We’ll get through this together.

Kind regards,

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Tramadol With Paypal EMAIL-4
Your no cost care package is on the way (If you’ve requested it)
28th April 2020


I just want to let you know if you’ve requested it your care pack is in the mail. (Or is in the final process of being organised to leave in the next couple of days.)

We’ve gone to such time and expense, given so many people we love have lost jobs, income, are under stress, and feeling the pinch to ship out packs at our cost.

The pack will come in three stages, and this is our ideal given time, expense, and frankly if we can get the availability of the ingredients and packaging we need given the crisis.

1. You’ll have a pack with respiratory herbs, things that have been traditionally been used for the immune system, and traditional anti viral type products. I make no claims around them for what’s going on at the moment, but my families been at this over 30 years, and in over 1000 health shops and pharmacies. I’ve been at this long enough to know exactly how to give you support.

2. The second pack will be things traditionally used for the brain, circulation, and nervous system support. Many people are at home in dangerous situations, tired, bored, lonely etc. Whatever it is. I’d strongly encourage you to use this time to study, re tool, and expand your identity.

I’ve spent the time looking at geology (the study of rocks – sounds boring I know), botany (the physical study of plant science), biology (the study of life), chemistry (the study of how it all goes together) and a range of other things.

I’ve spent the time to laboriously go through everything we do ingredient by ingredient in house, and in health shops. I’ve done everything from design a new breath spray to putting things together in new ways, or look at old ways differently.

I looked at all the great herbalists in Rome, Greece, a famous scroll from Egypt, and several other places creating, testing, hypothesising, pondering, reflecting how things can be made better over the next short and long periods of time.

Look at your strengths, what you’re good at, what you can improve, what you’re passionate about, who you can enlist, and who you can help. This is a temporary problem we’re going through. I hope you’re not suffering greatly, but you must use metaphorical winter to re tool for the summer.

We all go through several incarnations of our identity, in our lifetime.

3. Thirdly you will get a pack with all the formulas we’ve re done better. I’ve look at things traditionally, and clinically used for adrenal support, the prostate, kidneys, liver, stomach (with a purely digestive slant, as opposed to delaying gastric emptying for blood sugar, or neutralising excess acid etc – it was purely to encourage things to break down and move in and out in a healthy, safe, and timely manner).

Also, a new detox tonic which has been my favourite we barely prescribe with less cramping and urgency, as an additional option for you. I call it a 12 formula, because years ago we tried 16 formulas, and the 12 was the one people liked the best.

A new male formula to increase libido. I’ve began to revisit things for the eyes, improved the herbal cream, I’m considering offering a second more strong option amoung other things.

Your life is important, and we’re all in this together. Please find a way to make it count.

If you want to pick up pack by pack from the clinic you’re welcome as we’re going to a lot of time to get it to you, but mail is no problem.

We’ll probably send it in two, three, or four week increments, or perhaps longer depending on how it plays out. If things get so bad that this goes on six months as the PM originally said the spacing of them may be longer. I’ll have a clearer idea how long this may play out tomorrow morning.

We’re doing the best for you, and please do the best for you too.

Kind regards,

Will Shannon EMAIL-3
15th April 2020


Please read the email because I’d like to give you something. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

We’ve made a number of innovative improvements given the current situation, and one of those things is re engineering our products better than ever before.

Traditionally we’ve had medicine in over one thousand health shops and pharmacies, all the major brands in Australia. We’ve spent this time to re formulate, and improve things given the environment.

We just did a liver formula with twenty herbs, and let me tell you not only does it have a high number of ingredients based on formulas developed over forty years, it’s absolutely exceptional. Not only was the feedback positive, it tasted like coffee. It obviously didn’t have coffee, so after the first sample we had to isolate what synergy of ingredients was giving it the flavour.

I want to offer you something entirely at no cost, we call it a care package. I’m sorry to tell you, I didn’t send it to you first, but I’mmaking it available to you now.

Initially for the sake of numbers, we sent this to various clients that were prominent members of the community, from A-list actors, to reality stars, to prominent business people, to ex prime ministers and a variety of people nation wide.

It has a total of eight products including a respiratory formula, an anti parasitic formula, a formula that’s traditionally been used with the immune system, with five other things.

First, before you receive anything, I want you to talk to a suitably qualified Naturopath, given the current situation, and make sure what we want to give you is suitable for you. We want to customise what we want to give you is specifically beneficial to your current situation.

To take advantage of the situation with us paying the product, and the postage, and you paying nothing, simply reply to the email, or call (02) 9890 7004 and we’ll arrange for it to be sent.

In addition to the care packages, as I’ve mentioned earlier, we’ve also used the time to improve formulas such as those female for menopause, the joints, cardio vascular, kidney, prostate and a variety of other things.

In addition to the care packages and improved formulas, I’ve began preparing information resources to roll out during the coming months.

Firstly, I’ve written a herbal encyclopedia, thousands of pages which I’ve made available. Secondly, I’ve written a textbook on iridology that I haven’t released, I might start with the laymen’s version for the general public.

Thirdly there will be a lot of information rolling out on our website and other places on the Sciences.

I met the very famous Neuro surgeon a few years ago, and I still contact him about clients from time to time. He’s a friend of a friend.

He encouraged me, as he does everybody for that matter, when I first met him, to remember that members of the public expect the practitioners that care for them to be strongly developed in the Sciences.

In order below from the top to the bottom are the order of what I think are the Sciences from macro to micro:

anatomy (the study of the human body)

biology (the study of living things, and systems)

biochemistry (the study of the building blocks of living things)

chemistry (the study of the building blocks of the Universe)

physics (the study of physical forces, and the small, such as the nucleus of atoms)

mathematics (simply put, they call it the language of the Universe)

With that in mind, I’m building online resources with first year University Mathematics (starting from high school), the first six months of University Physics (we can start earlier also), Chemistry, Bio chemistry, Biology, and Anatomy to be made available in laymen’s terms at no cost.

I’m also adding in English, and a variety of other languages you can learn. We’ve traditionally spoke of over a dozen here. My father can speak seven alone so we’re building out online resources to be of assistance to you.

I like to have about two hundreds ingredients available to build out of, for any health shop or pharmacy formula contract manufactured, and I want some of this variety to be made available to you.

Again, if you’d like to receive the care package, try the new formulas, or have information on the new resources simply call (02) 9807004 and speak to a suitably qualified professional.

We’ll make sure any formula is available to you, and a care package of eight products is available to you at no cost for product, or postage.

The respiratory formula has been updated. Ten years ago in the previous environment I got the opportunity to see how practitioners, including my father, were updating to what was going on then.

I’m now in a position given the current situation to support you as a current client of the business in a more mature manner. I’ve never been more happy with what we can offer, and I want to share it with you.

If you need anything please pick up the phone, or reply to the email.

Kind regards,

Will Shannon EMAIL-2
Some further support for you during the pandemic
30th March 2020


I feel that as people start losing income, there will be more of a drive for mental health support in the community.

We are in uncharted territories as the Prime Minister described, and I don’t know about you but I’ve never seen anything like it in my life time.

Every day we lose lives from to accidents, suicides, homicides, preventable illnesses, and communicable diseases.

The germ theory of disease was discovered by Louis Pasteur and since then many people have lived in fear of invisible microbes making their way into the human body.

We believe in Natural medicine, and Western for that matter, the importance of a strong immune system, and certainly stress will tend to make things worse.

I was asked recently to make my thoughts available privately on what can be done to help people related to the upper echelon of decision makers. Everyone’s aware that people are suffering right now, and we need to band together.

Trump, whatever your opinion might be, said earlier in the week he’s worried he’ll be losing more people to suicide due to the change of circumstance, than to the virus.

I’ve already re purposed several tons of hand sanitiser, masks, gloves, temperature readers, and toilet paper as urgent medical goods. I’ll have more stock in 7 to 21 days. Please spread the word.

If anyone needs mental support I’ve asked the staff to make available free of charge one or two bottles in any phone or internet order if requested, as a once off only of herbs that have traditionally been used to feed the nervous system, and herbs that have been used for mood elevation, or in some cases balance brain chemistry.

We’re all in this together, and if you’ve lost your livelihood then I can barely imagine anything worse, other than the loss of a family member, or in this case your health.

It’s very important in times of crisis to be able to re purpose and re skill. This too shall pass, and winter is an a season we all go through. You must become resilient and find how you can contribute when the environment changes massively, and quickly.

People look to those they perceive as leaders in the community in times of crisis, and it’s important that you’re empowered as much as possible so your children, spouse, employees or employers, and any other stake holder gets the best of you. That the environment alone is not the sole deciding factor on how band together as people.

Warren Buffet the world’s richest man for years used to say “All boats rise in a rising tide, when the tide goes out you see who’s swimming with no clothes on.” Winter, metaphorically tests unfortunately those of us that are the the most vulnerable, least prepared, the least able to re skill quickly, and those who may lack an understanding of the ebbs and flows of life. We suffer.

As for my thoughts many believe in natural medicine that the inside of the body, the terrain or environment plays a significant role in conjunction with the immune system to your health, what can proliferate in the environment of your blood, cells, tissues and organs, and what can not.

Anything we could think of to offer that may offer you support at this time is made available at and the ultimate package basically has everything we could put in.

You can always speak to a Naturopath or suitably qualified practitioner about anything you may need on (02) 9890 7004 free of charge by telephone. If the link is over loaded kindly call a Naturopath and ask them to text you a flyer.

Stay strong, we’re here if you need anything. Find a way to adapt to this environment including the use of technology.

Kind regards,

Will Shannon

Some practical help to manage
30th March 2020


As a past valued client we’ve made available all the information we can to assist with the current pandemic.

If you’d like to help here’s a link with more information about what you can do to help prevent a viral spread:

If you need further assistance help identify symptoms it’s here:

Please practise hand hygiene, and social distancing.

If you need further assitance simply call (02) 9890 7004, and speak to a Naturopath toarrange something for you.

In natural medicine we focus on keeping the immune system strong. As always listen to the advice of your health care professional.

All our staff have been put through the WHO (World Health Organisation) course.

We value you, and this too shall pass.

We’ve put as much information as we can begin to muster at this point at

Kind regards,

Will Shannon


Stage 1: Respiratory, immune, and general anti parasitic
Stage 2: Brain & Nervous system
Stage 3: Newly developed products

go here Note: We make no claims for the current environment, however we are committed to playing our role to help you through this tough time.

We appreciate your service over the years.

Given the vast volume of people we're serving some care packs may be limited by availability. Please put your details anyway.