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nutritional assessment

You will receive a customized nutritional program designed to your body type

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breathing assessment

You will be taught specific breathing techniques, in addition to exercises to build

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Oxygen therapy involves breathing pure oxygen in a pressurised room

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structural assessment

The movement Method is a system designed to first assess an individual’s basic

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Dental assessment to assess airway function to open up airways for improved respiration,

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cranial osteopathy

Cranial osteopathy involves manipulation of the skull and the spine,

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Chef Kate Mcaloon

From the moment i came to Pinnacle i found Pinnacle staff to be some of the most kind and gifted people i've ever met. Highly qualified in the healing field. Unassuming. Pinnacle really cares about people and helping them to be well and live well.

Chef Kate Mcaloon

Therese Kerr

Pinnacle has the highest approach to professionalism of any clinic we deal with. Pinnacle practitioners have the most generous spirit. I feel much better when i see the practitioners at Pinnacle Health Clinic. My life was changed from my first consultation. Pinnacle is my go to clinic for anything health related.

Therese Kerr

Arlene Blencowe

I came to Pinnacle after my debut with the Bellator MMA. I used Pinnacle's knowledge to help overcome health issues that were bothering me.

Arlene Blencowe
MMA Professional

Natasha Hanisi

"Pinnacle is a great gift to those in need.
They are a very skilled team.
I send people to Pinnacle clinic when they want results - fast."

Natasha Hanisi
Director, Kikivi Education Centre

Priya Rai

Will's a genius. His expertise is used by many people in the public eye.I always feel amazing and benefit from clinic expertise. When I see him I feel energised and I lose weight.

Priya Rai

Angela Belle McSweeney

I have had outstanding results taking Pinnacle's tonics and advice. Along with my friends I have experienced Pinnacle’s brilliant skills and restoration of my health and wellbeing.

Angela Belle McSweeney
CEO, Racing Personality

Lorrae Desmond

I thought my life was over until I came to Pinnacle. With Pinnacle's help I now expect to live to 100. I feel so well since taking their medicines.

Lorrae Desmond
MBE, Television personality